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We would like to bring to your attention important information regarding the content hosted on our website. It is imperative to note that the uploads on our platform are not created by the administrators or creators of the website; rather, they are contributions from our users.

In our ongoing efforts to maintain a platform that adheres to copyright laws and respects intellectual property rights, we diligently process and address Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notifications. We prioritize the swift removal of any content that is reported to us as infringing upon copyright.

While we strive to swiftly respond to all DMCA notifications we receive, please understand that due to the volume of content on our platform and the volume of notifications we receive, there may be a slight delay in the removal process. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize that as a platform that relies on user-generated content, we do not have direct control over the material posted. However, we remain committed to maintaining a safe and lawful environment for our users.

Should you come across any content on our platform that you believe infringes upon your copyright or the copyright of others, we kindly request that you notify us promptly.

In case you're contacting us regaring a DMCA or a removal please note that to facilitate the removal process efficiently, we kindly ask for your cooperation in following the instructions outlined below:

Order of Links for Faster Removal:
Please provide us with the links to the infringing images in a specific order. This will enable us to prioritize and expedite the removal process accordingly.

Proof of Ownership:
In accordance with standard procedures, we would appreciate if you could furnish us with evidence establishing your ownership of the respective images.

Reporting Unremoved Images:
In case we have inadvertently missed any images you requested for removal or if they were mistakenly overlooked, we kindly ask you to bring them to our attention again. Your cooperation in reporting any unremoved images is crucial for ensuring the thoroughness of our removal process. Additionally, please ensure to press CTRL + F5 on each page after reporting to clear the cache effectively.

Clearing Cache:
After you have been informed that the images have been successfully removed, we strongly advise clearing your browser cache to ensure that any cached versions of the images are also removed from view. Please press CTRL + F5 to execute this action effectively.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated, and we assure you of our commitment to resolving this issue in a timely and amicable manner. Should you require any further clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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